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It is simple to calculate the square metre size of an area.

When measuring rectangular shaped areas. Just multiply the length by the width in metres and you have the answer.

When measuring more complex shapes it is best to divide them into separate rectangles and then add them together to get a total area.

concrete tile sealing and protecting

Concrete Sealer - sydney

"Most concrete damage is attributed to surface moisture intrusion"

Sealing Concrete - Concrete Protection

Concrete is the world's most widely used construction material. Recently the perception of concrete surfaces has changed significantly, going from being considered a less than attractive flooring option used in warehouses or industrial areas to a widely used, highly polished material that is attractive, versatile and at the same time a great sustainable flooring option. With concrete polishing you can achieve stunning finishes that are increasingly more popular in both commercial premises and private homes. Concrete polished surfaces are eco-friendly and perfect for construction projects while providing a low cost alternative to other flooring installations. Deepshield™ sealers are designed to protect, beautify and enhance the appearance of concrete surfaces both indoors and outdoors.

Deepshield™ Penetrating Impregnating Sealer is a fast curing premium water-based sealer which lasts for up to 10 years and has zero unpleasant odours or flammability issues while Deepshield™ Gold ultra premium sealer which is based on the latest fluoro-bond technology provides maximum concrete stain protection for up to 15 years or longer depending on the application, weather conditions, quality and abuse of the surface. Sealing is the first important step towards protecting your investment against stains and deterioration. Deepshield™ will extend the life of your concrete surface.

All DEEPSHIELD® products are available from our Online Store, or from one of the dozens of Accredited Applicators throughout all Sydney suburbs

How Deepshield sealer works?

Deepshield™ Penetrating Impregnating Sealer works by chemically reacting with the surface pores of concrete using nano-technology engineered to form a durable and long lasting protective barrier against water and oils. The active component is a molecule consisting of silicon, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms with two ends, one hydrophilic the other hydrophobic. When applied, the hydrophilic end reacts with moisture retained in the substrate and breaks away to form another compound that reacts within the masonry lattice. This reaction forms a bond that is stronger than any mechanical or hydrogen bonding of conventional film forming sealers. The exposed hydrophobic end of the molecule changes the surface energy, resulting in water and oils being repelled but allowing the micro pores to remain open enough for moisture vapour to escape making the treated surface breathable.

Deepshield™ Gold ultra premium sealer works using advanced fluorine chemistry technology which reacts with the surface pores leaving an invisible, breathable, protective barrier against staining as well as water and oil based containments. Deepshield™ Gold ultra premium fast curing sealer is ideal for both indoor and outdoor application, on natural stone, tile and grout surfaces with zero unpleasant odours or flammability problems.

Fully Breathable Impregnating Sealer

Concrete surfaces should be allowed to breath and it is therefore particularly important to apply a breathable impregnating sealer rather than being coating with synthetic or urethane sealers. Deepshield™ sealers are fully breathable, penetrating impregnating sealers that allow water vapour to escape freely so the surface can ventilate and dry out, avoiding harmful moisture build-up inside the treated concrete material.

concrete with water

Water, Oil & Stain Protection

Most concrete damage is attributed to surface moisture intrusion. Water and oil soluble contaminants can be readily absorbed by porous concrete initiating a process of deterioration starting with efflorescence, salt damage, mould and mildew and eventually erosion of the concrete surface. By applying Deepshield™ penetrating sealer you protect your investment and ensure your surfaces look great for years to come. Deepshield™ also acts as a salt barrier making it ideal around salt-water pools or marinas.

non slip concrete floor

Keeps your floors non-slip

Deepshield™ sealers do not affect the slip resistance of surfaces as they do not leave any film or coating. Sealing your concrete floors with Deepshield™ will ensure your non-slip surfaces remain non-slip.

sealed concrete floor

Non film forming, will not flake or peel

Deepshield™ is Alkali resistant, odourless and non film forming meaning it does not create a film or coating on the surface as the sealer penetrates deep inside the pores of the concrete. Deepshield™ will not flake or peel and does not need to be removed before reapplying in future as with topical and other film forming sealers.

All DEEPSHIELD® products are available from our Online Store, or from one of the dozens of Accredited Applicators throughout all Sydney suburbs

shiny sealed concrete floor

Pre-Sealing Preparation

  • 1. Any surface to be sealed should be clean and looking exactly as you want it before sealing as it may be near impossible to remove stains left in your concrete once sealed. .
  • 2. Surfaces must have no other coating such as a wax or a topical sealer before Deepshield™ is applied. All coatings must be removed before sealing with Deepshield™. .
  • 3. You must perform a test on a small inconspicuous area of your concrete at least 24 hours before sealing the rest of your surface.
  • 4. When using Deepshield™ Colour Enhancer, ensure that you test the sealer has produced the colour enhancement that you desire.
concrete floor after sealing

After Sealing - Maintenance Tips & Advice

  • Clean spill-ups as quickly as possible
  • Place a mat at each doorway
  • Use a Microfiber mop to clean floors
  • Clean floors regularly
  • Never use bleach, ammonia or vinegar to clean surfaces
  • Never use acidic cleaners, abrasive cleaners or a scouring pads

Which is the best sealer for Concrete?

Deepshield™ GOLD Transparent Penetrating Sealer

Deepshield™ Gold ultra premium sealer is based on the latest fluoro-bond technology providing maximum concrete stain protection for up to 15 years or longer dependent on surface usage and weather.

Deepshield™ Gold ultra premium impregnating sealer is designed to penetrate denser materials such as polished concrete, granite and marble as well as all other stone types providing maximum protection against water and oil based stains.

Deepshield™ Gold is a fast curing water-based sealer with no unpleasant odours or flammability problems that will extend the life of your concrete surfaces by preventing erosion.



Deepshield™ Transparent Penetrating Sealer

Deepshield™ Transparent Sealer provides an invisible natural look, whilst protecting your concrete from both water and oil based contaminants. Deepshield™ is designed to penetrate below the concrete surface and will not make your concrete flooring any more or less slippery. Deepshield™ is fast curing and can be used indoors and outdoors with no unpleasant odours or flammability problems. Deepshield™ will protect and extend the life of your concrete floors.



Deepshield™ Color Enhancing Penetrating Sealer

Deepshield™ Colour Enhancing Penetrating Sealer is specifically formulated and designed to slightly darken and highlight the character of concrete and other porous man made and natural stone products whilst protecting the surface of the tiles from water and oil based contaminants. This product leaves a visible highlight sheen without altering the surface characteristics while providing excellent water and stain protection. The colour change is slight



Frequently Asked Questions

Why seal concrete?

Building materials such as concrete are made up of countless invisible capillary pores that allow for the absorption of damaging liquids such as water, water-borne salts and oils. These liquids cause concrete to deteriorate prematurely and in doing so reduce its usefulness. Examples of deterioration include; unsightly staining, weathering, loss of strength, efflorescence, salt attack, sulphate attack, biological attack, chemical attack, swelling, embrittlement and picture framing. Sealing your concrete will help eliminate or significantly reduce most of these problems.
Will Deepshield™ make my concrete slippery?

Deepshield™ will not affect the slipperiness of concrete surfaces and does not cause any yellowing or leave a visible shine. Deepshield™ is suitable both indoors and outdoors and is ideal for use around swimming pools and other wet areas.
How do I know if my concrete is sealed or not?

An easy way to find out if your concrete is sealed, is to carry out a water test. Place a tablespoon of water on the treated surface for 20 minutes, remove the water with a tissue or cloth, pressing hard to soak up any water in the texture of the surface. If the water is absorbed or leaves a dark mark, and the concrete needs to be sealed, otherwise, the surface is adequately sealed and does not require further sealing.
What is the difference between Deepshield™ GOLD and Deepshield™ Transparent Penetrating Sealer?

Highly polished surfaces and dense materials have extremely fine micro pores that require a specific formula to penetrate. Deepshield™ GOLD is based on the latest fluoro-bond technology and designed to penetrate and chemically bond to the micro pores of dense surfaces, providing protection for up to 15 years. Both Deepshield™ GOLD and Deepshield™ Transparent Penetrating Sealer provide the highest level of protection against water and oil based stains without altering the surface texture or appearance.
What can happen if concrete is not able to breathe?

Concrete has a porous internal structure. Moisture present in the ground can be wicked or drawn up into concrete by capillary action. If natural vapour transmission is not allowed to take place, moisture gets trapped and can cause chemical and physical changes within the material. This action of decay can take the form of pitting, spalling, flaking and oxidation.
What is the difference between an impregnating sealer and a topical sealer?

Topical sealers produce a physical barrier over concrete which also results in a darkening, yellowing or glossy coating. Surface sealers (topical) usually don't last as long, can make the floors slippery and need to be completely removed the next time sealing is required. Salts and efflorescence may also build-up under the non-breathable surface, causing the coating to appear cloudy.
Is it enough to maintain concrete by just applying Deepshield™?

No. Deepshield™ provides a preventive measure that gives extra protection to concrete, which still needs to be maintained once sealed. Deepshield™ will last longer and work better when the concrete is properly cared for. In addition, periodic professional maintenance such as cleaning, polishing and repairs are definitely recommended.
How can I check to make sure I have applied Deepshield™ effectively?

As Deepshield™ doesn't alter the appearance of the concrete, you wont be able to check just by looking at the surface. The easiest way to measure the strength of the seal is to apply a teaspoon of water to the surface and see if the colour beneath the water darkens after a few minutes. If the concrete darkens, that means that moisture has penetrated, and a fresh coat should be applied.
How often do I need to seal concrete?

Deepshield™ Transparent Penetrating Sealer protects concrete for up to 10 years from both water and oil based contaminants. If you sealed your concrete with Deepshield™ GOLD and have properly maintained your surfaces the sealer should last up to 15 years. The longevity can vary depending on the type of concrete, the location and what type of wear the surface is exposed to.
What can I do to keep my concrete looking new after sealing?

To keep your concrete looking new, it is recommended cleaning each week using a pH neutral cleaner to remove any dirt or grime. Strong detergents (strong acid or alkali) may affect the sealer. Mild detergents and pH neutral substances are strongly recommended.
Will Deepshield™ build up, crack, peel, or discolour?

No. Deepshield™ will penetrate the concrete and bond to the pore structure. It is not a surface coating and will not crack, peel, yellow or discolour at any time.
How can I buy Deepshield™ products?

All Deepshield™ products are available from our online store, or from one of the dozens of Accredited Applicators throughout the country. Please refer to our “Online Shop” section for further details.
How should I apply Deepshield™?

Deepshield™ sealers should be applied liberally, using a low-pressure sprayer, lambswool applicator, bristle broom, paintbrush or roller. Whatever suits you best!
Why is it necessary to perform a test trial before doing the full job?

Every surface is subtlety different. Unless you have applied the sealer to the exact same surface with the same conditions as before, it is vital to conduct a small trial to ensure you get the result you are after.
Which Deepshield™ products can I use in food prep areas?

All Deepshield™ products are non-toxic and safe for use in food preparation areas.
Is there a perfect concrete sealer that always prevents stains?

No sealer can prevent all stains all the time. The sooner any spill can be cleaned the less likely a stain will result. Clean your concrete surface regularly so dirt and stains don't have a chance to build up.
Can I seal over concrete that has a pre-existing sealer?

Pre-existing surface sealers (topical) must be removed before applying Deepshield™ as the coating left by the old sealer may block the product from penetrating the surface. You don't however need to strip pre-existing penetrating impregnating sealers, as Deepshield™ will pass through previously applied impregnating sealer.
Can I apply a topical coating to a concrete surface treated with Deepshield™ Penetrating Sealer?

Deepshield™ do not recommend this due to possible bond and/or aesthetic issues, however if you choose to apply a topical sealer over a concrete surface treated with Deepshield™ please first carry out a test on a sample area to determine the result.
Will Deepshield™ change the appearance of my concrete?

The straight answer is no. Deepshield™ dries invisible, sealing the pores within the concretes surface without changing the feel, texture or colour. The only exception to this is Deepshield™ Colour Enhancing Penetrating Sealer, which will slightly darken and highlight the character, providing a wet look, without altering the surface texture.

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efflorescence protectiov and removal

Deepshield™ water-repellent deep impregnating sealer will provide protection and a reasonable lifespan to stone and masonary surfaces in areas with salt-water such as around a saltwater pool or close to a beach.



“I used my sealer to seal my outdoor stone pavers, couldn’t be happier, Deepshield works like a charm.”

-James Kinsey JK Renovations


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